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  1. In our experience, tons of thru hikers use a...

    In our experience, tons of thru hikers use a partial length underquilt + pad for their hikes. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!
  2. In-Stock Quilt Sale! SAVE 15% on every In-Stock Quilt! Sale ends Sunday!

    Hey HG Fans!
    We are having a sale on ALL in-stock quilts!
    Use code 15OFFSTOCK and save 15% off every in-stock quilt in your cart!

    Code Expires Sunday 9/29 @ 11:59pm EST

    In-Stock Quilt Page...
  3. The Wanderlust: Complete Kit for Hammock Camping! BEST INSULATION DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!

    177078 177077

    The Wanderlust Complete Kit for Hammock Camping is the first truly complete kit available on the market. We've raised the stakes by including our industry leading line of American...
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