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    Cool 2015 AT, ECT, OR Great American Loop thru hikers

    My name is Drew, I'm 24 years old from northwest Florida, looking to do the Eastern Continental Trail (Maybe the Great American Loop depending on finances) in 2015 and just looking to talk to some other people that might be hiking the same areas around the same time or maybe even meet someone that would like to hike together.

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    Drew, welcome to Whiteblaze. This is the right place to talk about readiness for your hike.

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    Hello there, I'm a 25 year old female from Los Angeles, California planning to hike the AT March 1st, 2015.

    Big talk, hmm? Haha.

    I had originally planned to start next month... But I lost several hours at my job, my dog tore her ACL, and money became scarce.

    I've decided to move closer to the trail this year.... Near my aunt in Tennessee and a days drive from a Virginian friend who's willing to be a dog sitter if my little girl (a border collie mix named Little Shadow Guitar Player) starts having trouble.

    My move to Nashville is in April and I plan to buy my tent, bag, and pack May-ish. (After being hired somewhere.)

    I'll be 26 when I start and newly 27 when I finish. A last hurrah to youth.

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