1) I understand one should have two pairs of boots to hike the Appalachian Trail as one pair normally does not last entire trip. Should I buy a second pair to be ready to go? Should the second pair be identical to current pair (EMS Summit GTX lined..fairly rugged) or a lighter version?

2) I currently have a feathered Friends sleeping bag rated to +10. Is it best to buy ahead of time a summer bag or could that be purchased en route? I am presuming my +10 degree bag will not be much fun when it is hot and humid in mid atlantic states!

3) Packing the back pack. I have a Gregory Forester pack large size. Should the tent and sleeping bags be best put into large garbage bags and then scrunched in pack or best in stuff sacs? The latter while more compact I read leaves gaps and thus robs space. Is a compression sac not a good idea for this reason? I have been considering a larger garbage bag as stuff sack for tent as it is not real quick to get into its stuff sack when wet.

What do you think? How do you guys handle these situations?

(I have changed user name..previous was nhhiker)