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    Default Hikers/Helpers in the Dalton, GA area??

    I'm checking to see if there are any hikers in the Dalton area that would be willing to provide some help to a couple of Pinhoti/AT thru hikers. My wife and I hosted them for a couple of days in the Summerville area and they were amazing people. They're newlyweds and this is their honeymoon. They are thru hiking all of the Pinhoti, linking up with the Benton Mackaye, then on to Spring for the AT...about 2600 miles in all. They haven't asked that I find someone. They are quite self sufficient, but I know that they are on a really tight budget for this trip and they were worried about having to spend the money on lodging in Dalton with so many miles to go. That stretch of the Pinhoti pretty much dictates that you have to abandon camping for a night and get a room because of all the road walking. Please do let me know if you would be willing to help these awesome folks out, or if you know of someone who helps hikers in that area.

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    pm sent with contact info for Rick Moon

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