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    Default Into the Smokies

    Hey all,

    Just checking in as I get ready to head up and into the smokies tomorrow. Up to this point all has gone well. For those coming behind me, there is absolutely no shortage of water up to this point. Most days I've started with 1L and have not had any problems finding water, so save yourself a couple lbs if it suits your style.

    Weather predictions for the Smokies this week looks really nice, may have gotten lucky with the timing. Check out mountain-forecast.com and search for clingman's dome. Can get weather at different elevations throughout the smokies as well as other ranges.

    Interesting the differences in people you see out here: base weights from 5lbs to 25lbs. I sit at a little over 13 lbs and still seem to be in a minority. But I have what I need and a couple luxury items (electronics). Very happy with the gear choices I've made so far and being fairly light has helped me immensely, especially on those down hills.

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    I am glad to hear you are expecting good weather through the Smokies. I started my thru-hike last year on Feb 1 expecting another light winter and the opposite was true. Congratulations on hiking light. For sure, my backpack was heavier than yours. Hopefully, your luck will continue weather-wise. Cold weather increases the demand for more substantial sleeping gear. Last year sub-freezing temperatures were the norm for several weeks.

    Regarding water, I agree with you that a quart to a liter is more than sufficient if one plans ahead for available water sources. I followed advice of veterans by drinking a quart to quart and a half of water prior to leaving camp every morning. Often, I did not touch my trail quart of water until three-four hours or so into the hike. By that time normally I had gone by multiple water sources. Of course, there are several portions of PA where one must carry increased amount water amounts. Trail angels do a fine surprising hikers with extra water in dry areas nonetheless.

    i am glad you are enjoying your thru-hike attempt. I wish good fortune and a safe hike. Perhaps soon you'll have a trail name.


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    Hey chapinlara - thanks for the good wishes: do have a trail name, it is LostAndFound (LAF) . And a blog which I update occasionally but will get better with it. and now I'm off for the smokies

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