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    Default Northern Fl trail hike.

    We hiked the florida trail{Kackson,sawgrass} trail from the alabama line to Kurick Lake last week, was abaout 18 miles. Great hike, great weather, plenty of water crossings. we did it in two days. I would recomend it for anyone looking for a two day trip.

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    Thats Jackson, Sawgrass trail.

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    Thanks for the did have a perfect wknd for it.
    i should know this, but where is the road access to the northern terminus? My only time on the sawgrass northbound it seemed to just fade away, but that was when we were first tagging the route. Where could I safely park to follow your route?
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    Hey Nick you follow Beaver creek rd north from hwy 4. Turn right on Rock creek rd, there is a little church on the corner. Turn right on a long dirt rd and that will lead you to the Fl trailhead. It took us a while to find it. I will post the gps numbers.

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    I think its the first dirt road you come to after passing a couple of trailer houses. Its pretty obvious.

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    This looks like a good 2 day hike very close to home! Did you leave your cars at one of the campgrounds? I did notice a shuttle
    in the area. I thought about leaving a car at Hurricane CG and at Karick Lake.

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