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    Has anyone done any Dickering (bartering) on their hikes? The new show, "Down East Dickering" is where the folks barter for goods or service. Couldn't something like that be done on trail? For example, trade work for stay at some place.

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    Work for stay, and work to eat, have been traditions up and down the trail for decades. Earl chopped wood, did dishes, and pitched in whenever he could. One of my favorite work for stay stories is about The Pie Lady in Monson. Her woodpile moved from one side of her yard to the other all season, year after year, just so she could give hikers a chore to do. In later years it was vacuuming, cleanest floors in Maine!

    "[ATers] represent three percent of our use and about twenty percent of our effort," retired Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell.

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