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    Have a blast Sockfuss. I would say the trail is fairly crowded in VA right now. You prob. made the right decision if you were concerned about that. Although, after Trail Days, which is in a few weeks, will be the first real bubble hitting Central VA.

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    Despite having grown up for a good portion of my life I actually have a bit of a bias AGAINST NJ but the NJ AT and Kittaniny Ridge is under appreciated IMHO. I would have stayed closer to home for an AT first time hike w/ a 70 yr old in the party. The NJ AT is scenic: High Pt, Carver Fire Towers, bears, Sunfish Pond, DWG(as stated Church Hostel, nice to stay before the climb out of DWG SOBO), etc Good views at DWG on both side of it in PA and NJ.

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    Remember to bring sunscreen, as not all of the trees may be leafed out by next week (there aren't even buds on the trees here in Minneapolis!).

    In general, the AT in the Mid-Atlantic states follows ridgelines underneath the forest canopy, popping out intermittently to typically bucolic views. You will hit a lot of rocks (slabs, stacked, and pointy little ones that reach up to try to turn your ankles) in that section of Pennsylvania, and the rocks only moderate a bit as you enter New Jersey. Those were my first two sections of the AT back in the early 70s.

    If you or your F-I-L have weak ankles then you might end up walking slower over the rock than on a "groomed" trail. The ascents and descents tend to be limited to the gaps (typically with roads at the bottom).

    Enjoy your hike.
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