Eyes & ears of the trail is reporting a concern about 2 hikers leaving Daleville VA heading North. I copied and pasted conversations from the FB hiking pages below.

You're welcome.

"Hello from Daleville/Troutville!

I want to let other hikers know about a couple of problem hikers in this area. Two homeless guys are hiking north out of Daleville today. One of them is Monkey. He got on the trail in Damascus and hikes with a lunch box and a school backpack. He is an opportunistic thief, so I would advise not staying in a shelter with him. The other guy is hiking in loafers and carries a big duffel bag. He says he got on the trail in Knoxville (???). The two met up here in Daleville and will be continuing north. Monkey seems relatively harmless, while the other guy gives off a very bad vibe.

Watch out and watch your stuff."