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    Default Has Anyone Been On The Trail From Peeksill to Pawling Anytime Recently?

    I want to do a long weekend hike from Pawling to Peekskill next week but I'm worried that the trail might still be muddy and difficult. I'll probably do it regardless but I want to bring the right gear if it's going to be crappy up there. I usually wait till later in the season, like September, to hike in Jersey/New York so I'm not sure what to expect. I was up by Highpoint State Park for an hour last weekend and ran up the trail to see what it was like. There were some big puddles but the trail was pretty much OK. What about bugs? I live in North Jersey and have got bite up one or two nights already. How are the bugs p there around now? pretty bad I suspect.

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    It is not muddy, as it is not a muddy section, yes during rain you will have some, hopefully it won't rain on your hike. there are some grassy fields near the Pawling end which can be unavoidably wet, but that is the only section that IIRC doesn't drain water.

    Occationally if there is very heavy rain for a few says the section between Greymoor and Dennytown Rd (actuallky near the Catfish loop trail) can be under water a bit, perhaps continuous 3-4 in deep (trail and woods - no avoiding as it is really a swollen stream in its very wide flood plane), but that is unusual conditions.

    Saw a few bugs, if you are a bug magnet person yes it could be a issue.

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    I was just on the trail from Arden to Bear Mt this last weekend and got the chance to check out conditions. It rained really heavy Friday so the trail was wet with water streaming down it at some parts.

    As Starchild said, it's not a muddy section but there are some flat swampy areas that flood over when raining but that's not really an issue, not yet anyway. The real issue will be the bugs that will spawn in the next few weeks. This weekend the bugs were definitely out, but as I had my bug head-net, I was OK. There were only gnats and eye flies but no mosquitoes yet thankfully. The timing seemed perfect; I suspect that after the next few weeks it's going to get alot buggier and uncomfortable out there. I strongly suggest you bring a bug head net if you head out.

    Aside from all that, I had a great time and heartily recommend the Arden route 17 - Bear Mountain section for a nice weekend hike. It's a little bit crowded with day hikers but for some that make them feel more safe. For a bit me and this guy were hiking on top of each other but that goes with the territory. I haven't been on Bear mountain since I was a little kid at camp, which was my first hiking experience ever, AT or otherwise, and I was struck by how beautiful the area around there is. After Goshen Mt, it gets a little rough with all the sharp ascents and descents especially when you get to the section between West Mt and Bear Mt, but its really pretty and surprisingly pristine. I'll head out again and do the next section between Bear Mt and Pawling this weekend.

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