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    Default 4th of July Gorham NH

    Early thru hikers generally start arriving in Gorham NH around fourth of July and its also a popular spot for family and friends to meet them as its the last town quite close to the trail with tourist amenities before Katahdin (Rangeley Maine also has tourist amenities but far fewer and thru hikers are normally a few weeks short). There are activities in other white mountain towns but they tend to be only one day.

    The fourth of July celebration lasts for 4 days with activities most days and nights. Definitely family oriented entertainment including the stereotypical small town carnival. It is not a thru hiker oriented event but many thru hikers hang out for a day or so getting ready for the final northbound push. There is also the option to slack from Pinkham's Notch on RT 16 to RT 2 and with a shuttle some other less popular slacks ( Gentian Pond in Shelburne back to RT 2 as a day hike). The AT wraps around the area south of RT2 so with some willing shuttlers, there are also other slackpacks.

    There are two basic hostels in town, the Barn is right across the street from the town commons where the events take place while Hikers Paradise is a 15 to 20 minute walk (but closer to Walmart). There is a bare bones hostel at the White Birches campground in Shelburne and the White Mountain Hostel next to where the AT crosses RT 2 (that gets great ratings) but both require a hitch to get into town for the event. Gorham is popular this time of year and the hostels could be full up.

    The closest camping at no cost/no services near town is just north of town across the river accessed via the walkway under the railroad trestle. Other have stealth camped near the hydro canal behind the town garage south of town. This is private land but it not posted. I would not drink the water from the river due to industrial past and definitely leave no trace. Plenty of local motels but no national chains. Many thru hikers elect for a motel in town. They range from nice to basic and at best the nicest place in town is nothing fancy. For fancy you are in the wrong town. There is one ubiquitous AYCE Chinese buffet in Gorham plus fast food and some mid grade restaurants. If someone is meeting you, there is nice family restaurant on the north end of Berlin on RT 16 called the Northland Dairy Bar that has some incredible fresh berry pies and very good seafood.


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    Perfect, I have a zero day scheduled for July 4th and have reservations at Hikers Paradise.

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    I made it to Gorham on July 3 in 2008. I see not much has changed since then. Great town and great people. Thanks for the info.
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