Clyde posted a Ti windscreen out of an Olicamp Ti Kettle, over on the Makegear Yahoo! Group a while ago, after seeing it posted by Gardenville (I think), it got me thinking about building one out of a Snowpeak Ti Bowl

Clyde had made his to go with his Giga Power Ti stove and 600 ml Cup (I had gotten these as presents last year)

The snowpeak bowls can be had for 12$ (much less than the Oli Kettle), and I had one lying around.

Anyhow, I finally got around to making one. I've posted pictures in the gallery, here.

I simply cut out slots for the legs and a hole for the burner. I used a 3/16" drill bit for the starter holes, then a Dremel Rotary Saw for the slots and a 7/16" drill bit for a pilot hole for my knockout punches. The hardest part was the first (smallest) knockout to get space for the larger punch / bolt to fit.

I also trimmed the rim from the bowl, after trimming the rim, there was no need to cut out space for the Ti 600ml Cup Handles.

One nice thing is that the windscreen stacks on my homemade 3-cup Ziploc/Cozy bowl.

I want to get a second bowl, as they make hella-light pots. Plus it will stack with the kit better than my 600ml Cup.

You'll notice that some of the edges are still a little rough. I figured I'd share the pics anyway.