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    Default It's a good time to send in your 2,000-miler application

    Right now would be a great time for class of 2014 thru-hikers and section-hikers to send in their 2,000-miler applications to ATC.

    We have a special volunteer coming to ATC HQ in Harpers Ferry starting Monday for a week just to help us with data entry and sending out 2,000-miler packets during the peak of the season.

    The 2,000-miler form can be found on our website at appalachiantrail.org/ATcompletion.

    You have until December 31 to be included in the 2015 magazine listing, but it helps us out if you send your form earlier.

    Laurie P.

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    Here's what we have in the database for the class of 2014 in the 2,000-miler database as of today when our data entry volunteer left:

    nobo 282
    section 67
    flip 9
    sobo 3

    We also have a couple dozen envelopes with 2,000-miler applications that haven't even been opened. We're still a couple weeks away in terms of the midpoint date of when nobos send in their reports.

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