I recently made the switch from a full leather "heavy" boot to a pair of La Sportiva Boulder X approach shoes and wanted to provide some feedback. I am 6' 2", weigh 200 pounds and carried a pack weighing between 29 and 35 pounds. My trip was from Erwin to Partnership shelter.

Break-in.. Treated them per manufacture and wore them out of the box. No hot spots - No blisters
Socks.. Medium cushion Smart Wool no liners
Lacing system.. The best.. System actually goes around the heel to pull the heel tight.
Water proof.. Good but took a long time to dry after getting soaked.
Comfort.. Incredible but they run narrow.
Traction.. Like having glue on the bottom of your soles.
Mud / Wet roots .. Stuck like glue
Road Walking.. Almost like a running shoe feels.
Weight.. A little heavy for a low cut shoe.
Wear.. Being as soft as the sole is, I expect faster wear than other options.
Price.. Right at $100.00
Buy them again.. For sure... 4.5 stars out of 5