We hope to make it to NJ to continue or quest of hiking the AT in the spring of 2015.
We are from NH and don't want to drive two cars. Last year we were able to find a shuttle person that helped us spot our car and then drove us to our start point for the day, however this won't work next spring because he is located just to far from where we are starting. It worked out great, even a couple of times he hiked with us and was very informative.
I did check the ATC shuttle list and have put in a request but seems like the ones in the area we will be in are very expensive or they drop you off and then pick you up a week later meaning we're backpacking which we prefer not to do.
We're Grammas who will backpack on occasion but avoid it as much as possible.
Does anyone out there know of someone who does this that is not on that list.
We hope to do 7 day hikes starting at High Point Shelter in NJ and ending at either Wind Gap or Smith Gap,PA