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    Default Camping north of US19E, at Elk River TN: Hammock?

    I'm planning an AT backpack heading north from US19E (Mountain Harbour); I've seen listings for a nice campsite near Elk River, just past Jones Falls (a mile or so before the shelter).

    My question for anyone who's been there: Is it a good place for a hammock hang as well as tents? I'm expecting this to be my first try with a hammock and it'd be kind of a drag if I get there and there's no place to set it up.


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    Actually, it's closer to 3 miles (2.8) from the shelter. The campsite is just as you get to the Elk river, which you then follow for a while before climbing up to Mountaineer Shelter. Plenty of trees there, you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Its the Sugar Hollow/Elk River campsite. After passing Jones Falls going north, you come to the Elk River on hillside and walk pass the bottom and go over a hill and the campsite at the mouth of Sugar Hollow. Its fairly large site. Its been about 5 years for me but I think its well off enough for hanging.

    There is also a small blue blaze campsite just immediately south of Mountaineer Falls Shelter.

    Then there is the Slide Hollow campsite just south of Walnut Mountain Road. But I think its more a small tentsite.

    There is also a descent site in between Walnut Mtn Road and Bitter End.
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    Thanks. This is just the information I was hoping to get from my fellow WhiteBlazers!

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    Several friends of mine and I will be starting a north bound section hike starting at 19E (near Elk Park NC). More than likely, because of the distance we have to travel, we will get there late in the day or evening. Are there campsites near the trailhead at 19E where we could spend the first night before getting started the next morning? The closest campsite (north) according to 'The AT Guide' is approximately 7 miles. But, having backpacked all of the AT south of that point, I know there are campsites that are not always listed in a data book.


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