Wanted to let the forums know that I've been experimenting with a means to get my iPhone on the end of my hiking pole, StickPic style.

I purchased (and subsequently returned) the GripTight GorillaPod from Joby, and as of now I cannot recommend this device to anyone. I really did like the GorillaPod (octopus looking tripod grabber) that Joby is known for, but as for the means of attaching the iPhone to the tripod, it was lackluster at best and was absolutely not able to support the weight of the phone.

In the end, the device failed, causing my iPhone to commit hari kari from a height of approximately 10ft in the air. Luckily I was able to lunge forth and intervene before everything crashed to the ground.


After stumbling upon this well-done YouTube video from a British dude who reviews both the StickPic, the Joby and a few other devices, my newly proposed, and relatively well-researched solution, is a combination of the Glif by Studio Neat (to attach the iPhone to a suitable threaded camera mount), and the UltraPod I by Pedco.

My needs are bit beyond the StickPic, seeing that I wanted the ability to set up the camera as a stationary camera-taking apparatus off of my hiking pole. And obviously, the need for an additional device to actually have the ability to mount the iPhone was required as well, something the venerable StickPic does not inherently include.