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    Default Weather in WV April

    I am think about heading north from HF around April 10th instead of starting at springer. What kind of temps will I be running into? Also would it be unrealistic to reach Katahdin be before June 30th? I have to be off traIl for week of the 4th. If so where would you recommend starting from to reach deadline?

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    It depends what shape you're in and what pace you can maintain. It seems very ambitious but you have some advantages (1) increasing daylight (2) except for the ascent out of Lehigh Gap, not much up-and-down until you get to New York (but the PA rocks can slow you down no matter what shape you're in) (3) by the time you get to longer ups/downs in VT, you'll be trail-hardy (4) shelters should be vacant or available, nice on a rainy night.

    You may have some all-day or multi-day soakers which could affect your pace (especially on the rocks). Don't underestimate NY west of the Hudson River. The overall elevation barely reaches 1,500' but there are a lot of abrupt, steep ups and downs.

    By my figuring, you have at most 75 days of hiking, meaning you have to average 15 1/2 miles per day. That's assuming no zeros other than your planned time off. Others have done that, perhaps you can. Again, you know your conditioning and experience. If you want a more relaxing pace, start at Delaware Water Gap. From there, you need average only 12 mpd and you avoid the PA rocks.
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    Maine in the month of June could be a real challenge, snow, ice, very cold flooded rivers to cross, and if the weather does warm up a bit you get the wonderful black flies to keep you company. Not the best time of year to try and do Maine. You are looking at about 10 weeks of hiking, guess at your average rate and do the math. For a old slow guy like me that would be about 920 miles, or Route 33 in PA as a starting point. And hope for nice spring weather.

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    I don't think WV or the Mid Atlantic is a problem.
    More likely problems:
    Reaching VT too early. They don't call it Vermud for nothing. Hiking is strongly discouraged from the melt through the end of May. The State of VT can officially close trails on state lands if it's deemed necessary. Some of the AT passes over these lands. Use your own discretion. Doubtful it would be an issue, as the normal wording is "strongly discouraged", but . . .
    Also the Whites and Maine in late May through early June can give you everything from late season snow, raging streams, hoards of black flies, etc.

    Lots of snowpack in the northeast this year and a winter that won't go away. I would suspect a later, longer spring melt, with more mud and higher streams than normal.
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