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    Default Katahdin Summit last weekend of winter video


    One of the posters on VFTT usually does a late winter trip to Baxter. He generally takes a great photos and I expect the thread I linked to will get some additional photos added to it. Despite the low amount of snow on the summit, the woods and ravines still have a whole lot of snow and it was snowing today. The summit and the plateau gets constant wind so it doesn't build up on the to.

    I was out in the whites this weekend and just below treeline there were spots where the blazes were even with the snow. I expect BSP has even more. At some point it all has to melt and make it to the atlantic ocean.

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    BSP's facebook update today shows an estimated 75" of snowpack remain at Chimney Pond and the season total snowfall at 164". With more cold pouring down from the north today and later in the week it will be interesting to see how the thaw progresses the next few weeks. Could be a late opening for CP and the summit trails or we could get a warm rain that melts it all at once and the Penobscot washes out I95

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