If not wanting nutritional yeast, which some Vegans and vegatarians include because it's a complete protein with all 18 essentail amino acids including the ones which are bodies don't make, and some hard for Vegans to get viatmins like maybe B12, etc, which is why she adds it, select options without it. The ingredient lists and nutritional profiles are available to peruse before buying. I like the nutrional yeast free entrees too - Lemongrass Thai Curry(made with instant BROWN RICE), Blackened Quinoa(best with some added chopped scallions and cheese even if it's Vegan or vegetarian cheese), Pea Nutty Match Sticks(consumed warm or cold), Chickpea Sesame Penne(had this last night on the trail with some fresh chopped scallions and garlic).... A simple cold or warmed Vegan trail meal: SOBA noodles(buckwheat noodles - gluten free) with tahini, which it is traditionally made with sesame oil and sesame seeds served cold, or , no MSG soy sauce packet, red pepper fakes, and a nut butter of one's choosing. Adding fresh scallions takes it up a notch. A warmed version could add fresh ginger, small slivers or matchsticks of daikon(Japanese radish, asking at a Sushi place they have always give me some spiraled) or carrot, dried ****akes, wakame seaweed(optional), and packet of Edwards& Sons No MSG Tofu Dried Miso soup packet.