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    Default Salisbury CT NoBo Early September & Shuttles Needed

    Hey folks hope everyone has been doing well on and off the trail, I've been chipping away at the miles this year. I have some questions about the Salisbury T NoBo to Bennington VT 110 Mile stretch and to be optimistic up a little further north of that.

    -What will the weather be like in Mass first week of September?

    -Will leaves be changing yet?

    -Iconic spots to stay at or see?

    -I need a shuttle from Hartford airport to Salisbury, CT and a second shuttle from Bennington VT to Albany, NY
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    It should be nice that time of year. Very little color but some "turnings" near marshes and the usual places that light up first.

    Weather is a variable that time of year, but is generally dry. Its still late summer and will likely range from the mid 70s day to the mid 40s night in CT and most of MA. In VT the range will be near that from low 70s/low 40s. I would be prepared for a frost or two as you move north of Bennington, especially if you stay up high. In lower terrain the risk of frost is pretty minimal.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Travelar!

    Still need a heads up on shuttles around Salisbury and Bennington
    Trail Miles: 3,918.6 - AT Trips: 70
    AT Map 1 Completion: 2004.8 - AT Map 2 Completion: 265.0

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    In terms of high points for your trip or "must not miss" locations, you will really enjoy Sage's Ravine, the last stop along the CT border before passing into MA. It is wondrously pretty! Another fine spot is Race Mtn., just north of Sage's, where you'll walk along an exciting "knife-edge" trail. And of course you will get a kick out of Mt. Greylock in MA.

    For shuttles, my perception is that more and more people are calling Uber's or other ride services for shuttles. If you have a Smartphone this is the way to go. I'm not saying it will be cheap but this does more or less guarantee a ride.

    Have a terrific hike!

    Jane in CT

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