In reference to dogwoods post #19, I met a wanna be through hiker a couple years ago at hawk mountain who was detoxing from alcohol, nicotine, fast food, and maybe something else he didn't mention.

This is man was sick! Cold night, he was vomiting, had diarrhea, muscle spasms,cold shakes and was either having very vivid night mares or hallucinations. Hell for him, unnerving for the rest of us. Someone gave him their "nightcap" stash with some lessening of symptoms. He went off trail next day to "rest up".

I totally respect the hard work of recovering from addiction and wish this guy the best. But... this is a very dangerous way to do it! Sorry ,I'm off on a tangent here.

Some folks detox from fast foods, I try to stick to my normal diet as best I can. I lose weight when I hike. I eat as much as I want and usually have enough extra to share with people who don't bring enough or crave a change.

I hit about 3000 cal per day and hake around 10 miles. I'm a lightweight hiker I know. It works for me. Enjoy your hike. When you excercise and eat good foods your body will seek a healthy weight for your body type.