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    Question mid state trail, Pennsylvania

    I've been looking around for some new trails to go hiking/backpacking on, and I stumbled across the mid state trail.
    I was wondering if any one new any specific parts of it that might make a good section hike (hopefully one that is 50 miles or less )
    also was wondering if anyone might be willing to share some knowledge about terrain and (in general) the trail itself.

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    Yo bro -

    I've done 90% of the mid state trail from NY to MD. I hike in the region every November. I'd say the most scenic sections are around the more forested blackwell or poe paddy areas. The northern portions are operating farmlands interspersed with road walks interspersed with forest. It is extremely rocky in some of the mid-southern sections, much akin to the AT through PA. a lot of the southern sections are also on state game lands so large abandoned fields and logging roads are normal. the MST has a great website, and I have been able to find shuttles for this trail easily. many are listed on the website. ki0eh here on whiteblaze has the most knowledge with this trail so I would hit him up to, although he will likely chime in. the maps and guidebook through MST are helpful and a must-have. water can be scarce in some regions in the south as the trail often follows the rocky ridge.



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    We've hiked most of the trail south of Blackwell, not the new trail to the north. The section south of Blackwell is nice with lots of old woods roads and water.

    If you want good 50ish mile hikes in PA, the Black Forest Trail and the Chuck Keiper are both 45 mile loops, and the 72 mile Quehanna can be broken up into two big loops using the cross-connector. The Black Forest is the most scenic, but has some steep climbs. The Quehanna is the easiest, but still not easy. I always liked the Donut Hole Trail, but that is a linear trail, so harder logistically.

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    I hiked the whole MST-PA fairly recently. Suggest the section starting out at the Tom Thwaites Monument near State College, PA and finishing up at Blackwell, PA: About 55 mi.
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    thanks for the suggestions

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    My suggestion would be Rt 287 south of Wellsboro (near Antrim) to Ramsey (or Woolrich but that's a little over 60 mi) - sections 17 through 15 (or most of 14) - nearly all State Forest, not as rocky, no significant water issues, Happy Acres beside Little Pine State Park is a good break. Blackwell Hotel has closed. The road noise from fracking trucks has diminished considerably this year compared to the last few. The most recent journals I'm aware of (this summer) are under http://www.trailjournals.com/journal...rn_trail/2015/ (MST is part of GET). For this area you only need one of the map set http://www.hike-mst.org/index.php/th...46-map-311-316 (except for one tiny piece on the free map http://www.hike-mst.org/index.php/th...153-section-17 ). If you are addicted to "outdated colonial units" the Antrim to Woolrich portion has alternative maps published by Pine Creek Press http://www.pinecrk.com/mst/mst.html

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    I agree with kioeh. That is a beautiful section that offers a bit of everything. Views, history, waterfalls, scenic creeks, swimming holes, big rocks, nice camping. There are some big climbs and descents.

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