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    Default Shuttles in Burlington?

    Planning to do a section this week and the only unknown is getting from Smuggler's Notch to Burlington. I can probably hitch it but it would be nice to have a backup plan if necessary.

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    A quick google search showed that there is a pretty good bus option to get from Burlington to Stowe. That might be worth checking out. Seems to take just over 3 hours, but about 2 hours of that is spent waiting for a connection in Waterbury.

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    I have looked into that, and the schedules don't like up well, where I'd have to catch the 7am bus from Stowe if I want to make it to Burlington. Also, it only runs weekdays, and I most likely will end up there on a Saturday. So I'd have to get there 2 days faster and spend a night in town if I want to catch that bus.

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    should have no problem hitching in any case.

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    I don't know of any good shuttles in that area but I would also not worry about it and just hitch a ride. Very very easy to do in VT.

    Several years ago I tried to look up taxi/shuttle from duxbury (Camels Hump area) back up to Smugglers Notch and they were quoting me somewhere between 65-80 dollars. With that said, not sure if those were "Hiker" Shuttles or just normal guy taxi shuttles.

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