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    Default kettle and bottle combo?

    I am a gram weenie in training, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy or find instructions to make a combo kettle/water bottle. I saw a video posted by Dutch ( but haven't been able to find any instructions etc. on how to make the griz kettle. I know there is a titanium bottle pot out there, but it's heavy, expensive and people complain about it being hard to open. I was thinking an aluminum water bottle might work if you could find one that was anodized, or if you can strip the paint off... Any one have any thoughts or links to tutorials?

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    It seems the web site refereed to in the video no longer exists.

    Finding an aluminum bottle is no problem, those are common enough. I'd get one the anti-gravity gear stoves designed for their Caldera cones. Making the cone is the tricky part. Make a template out of paper first to figure out the size and curves needed. Then find a suitable piece of thin aluminum sheet to make the cone out of. Once you cut out the cone, find a contractor who does gutters and ask them to make the crimp on the edges which attach the two sides together to make the cone.
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    Anyone know if one of those Coors bottle cans has a liner on the inside, or is it straight aluminum? Also, would I need to remove the paint on the outside?

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