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    If I'm not mistaken, you are looking for the 16 oz. Bud or Bud Light "Stadium" aluminum bottle . . . the old style with the pry-off lid, not the new style with the screw-off lid. They are much more robust than the thin aluminum beer or soda cans yet the aluminum is maleable which allows for a one piece stove where the edge is rolled into itself.

    I saw a YouTube video from ? BatchStoves, or Zelph or someone entitled "RIP Aluminum Stadium Bottle", where he was lamenting the fact that Budweiser has decided to discontinue the old style stadium bottle and go to a newer style aluminum bottle with a twist-off lid.

    i spoke to Tinny at Minibulldesigns and he said he has no problem getting the old style bottles. I went to my local liquor store and asked if they could get the old style bottles. They called their Budweiser distributor and had two cases there the next day. I think they said the old style bottles will still be used for special event promotions like the Super Bowl or Soccer World Cup but the bottles I got were just the red Budweiser stadium bottles with no special logo or advertising on them.

    Soooo . . . . my advice to you would be to check if your local beer/wine/liquor store can get the old style stadium bottles. Unfortunately for you, if they can, they'll arrive filled with beer for which you'll have to pay.
    if that doesn't work for you, I guess you'll have to do the recycling center thing and see if they can hook you up.

    two tips for making a rolled-edge stove:
    1. Use some kind of lubricant on the rolling die ( I like thicker stuff like grease as opposed to something like WD-40)
    2. Wrap the stove with some fiberglass wicking "string". For a couple extra drops of alcohol on the wick, it'll bloom a lot faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cedar1974 View Post
    Well, here in Alabama everything it done by weight.
    AZ by weight.
    Rolls down the hill, Kanardly hike up the other hill
    May all your hikes have clear skies, fair winds and no rocks under your pad.

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    I'm pretty sure they sell them for a couple of bucks at Seven-Eleven. They'll probably even let you pour the contents down the drain for nothing.

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    If they are easily available like you say, I just might go back into making the Cobalt Blue Soloist and the Cobalt Blue :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by squeezebox View Post
    My cousin was a driver for the local Pepsi distributor until he tested positive for Coke.
    VERY FUNNY I'll give you a #10 !

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