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    Default Shorts over base layer: with or without built-in liner?

    When I go with shorts over my base layer, it's usually been the shorts from my convertible pants. But for those of you that use athletic shorts over your base layer, do you use shorts with or without a built-in liner?

    Maybe I just need new base layers Ordinarily I would think shorts with a liner would be redundant over a base layer. But as my base layers "droop" lower with more miles walked, it occurred to me that shorts with a liner over the base layer might be more...supportive.

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    This might depend on your sex… If your still wearing the shorts without the base layer when the weather gets warm, for males the liner can be useful. Ive gone both with and without liners, without is far more comfortable but there is a real issue of 'hanging out' at times when maybe you'd rather not. At the same time shorts with liners over a base layer can cause chaffing and be uncomfortable after long miles. I guess I recommend no liner, anyone who has partaken in hike naked day knows that support is overrated, hike freely...

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    More or Less what Lachlan said.

    I have a pair of shorts I have cut the liner out of. I wear them for sleeping in or base layer and nothing else. The liner on top of the silks, or whatever you wear as a base layer, causes bunching and then leads to chaffing. The down side is if you change out of your base layer later in the day, you have to fish another pair of shorts out of your pack or risk "hanging out" every time you sit down. I like hiking in the Black Army PT shorts (black w/ grey letter). Good liner and just the right length. Ranger Panties over my base layer.

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