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I bought the 9 tray economy and it definitely came with the cover. Alot bigger than I expected. I dehydrated assorted fruits- don't even try to dehydrate blackberries. After 18 hours they were still full of H20... I'm trying to figure out which vacuum sealer to purchase now. I'm running pretty low on funds thus far and would like to get a cheap one that can seal large portions at once... Any ideas, lemme know!
Blueberries take forever also, I usually purchase them from Sprouts.

I use a FoodSaver vacuum sealer with a canister option. This allows the dehydrated food to be stored in Mason jars, vacuum sealed in the freezer. I have had hamburger gravel last 3 years using this method. The FoodSaver bags will leak if used on pastas, the sharp points will pierce the bag. The bags are also expensive. Using the Mason jars allows you to pour out the right portions for a trip into a Ziploc Freezer bag