Ok so I tried to check out the blue blaze to Palmerton, PA today and failed. Can anyone who has actually walked it chime in? I'll try to describe what I did best as I can. I figured out how to head toward Palmerton from the Winter Trail. In a short while I descended onto Red Hill Drive. There was an empty small "plant security" structure and a metal grate bridge leading across the Aquashicola Creek but there is a huge fence in the way preventing you to getting across and into Palmerton. Was I supposed to go instead up onto the shoulder of Route 248/POW/MIA Remembrance Bridge to cross over Aquashicola Creek? That didn't seem right to me at the time so I walked down the deserted Red Hill Drive road and looked for another bridge across the creek. I found a RR bridge but that also had a fence across and a no trespass sign.

Now writing this out and looking at Google maps I'm thinking I should have, if I wanted to walk to Palmerton, just gone onto the shoulder of 248 over the creek and then back onto Red Hill Drive/Slate Rd and into the main street of Palmerton (Delaware Ave) but I guess I'm just looking for confirmation from someone who has actually walked from the AT to Palmerton or from Palmerton to the AT. Thanks!