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    Default The Haute Route (Switzerland)

    Has anyone here hiked the Haute Route in France/Switzerland? I'm looking for more info on cost and experiences...

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    Yes, wonderful trip. Did the trek over two weeks in early September. Make sure you have a couple days in Zermatt at the end to hike some of the trails above the town. We used Alpenwild to make our reservations. You can check with them about current costs. A lot has to do with whatever the exchange rate is between $$ and Swiss Francs.
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    Hadn't done it myself, but my climbing partner had done with skiers in late spring.
    It can be very crowded at times.
    Be prepared for some strict regulations and lots, really lots of money.
    You can lower the cost dramatically if you stay in your tent, and if ever staying in huts by purchasing only lowest standard stuff (eat your own food exclusively, get only hot water for to make your own tea - don't know if you really like this?)
    Get an insurence for alpine rescue, usually included in a membership of an Alpine Club, which may also give you some discount in the huts.

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    THX Leo. That's what I expected.

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    Haven't hiked the Haute Route but hiked the entire Tour du Mont Blanc in 2014. The TMB and the Haute Route are the same for a couple of days, so I had the full huts experience. I highly recommend European hiking... I walked through more beauty with every step than any other hiking experience. The huts were amazing, and it was wonderful to hike with a small backpack and know that every night we'd land at a hut that included a hot shower, dinner and breakfast, a bunk with a pillow and duvet, and even a full bar. Nothing like it.

    I booked our trip through Macs Adventures, a self-guided tour company in Scotland that made the hut reservations and planned our itinerary. There are lots of other companies that do the same thing, but I found Macs to be easy to work with and more affordable than many of the other options. Here's the link to the Haute Route on the Macs Adventures site: http://www.macsadventure.com/holiday...rs-haute-route.

    I actually thought our 2014 trip was pretty affordable. I hiked with my daughter, and the cost for 10 days (not including airfare) was $1,300/person. This included mostly huts and a few hiker hotels for every night, along with breakfast and dinner. Since you're hiking, you're not spending money on souvenirs, so our only other expenses were lunch costs. The trails there tend to drop down into villages, where you can pick up bread, cheese, etc., or the huts will pack you a lunch for a small fee.

    I personally wouldn't have wanted to spend the nights in my tent because meeting people from around the world in the huts was a true highlight. After my 2013 AT hike the Tour du Mont Blanc was luxury hiking at its finest, and I loved every minute of it. Here's a link to my Trail Journal in case you're interested in seeing some pictures: http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?trailname=17202.

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