Just a reminder for maybe some trusting, or new folks out there - Keep your stuff in sight, and tidy when on the trail. For both the act of theft by human as well as bears. I personally keep my backpack on my back as much as possible, I never leave my pack at a trail intersection to see a blue blaze trail, or unattended at camp. Now if I've got camp setup, and there are lots of other hikers around, I don't mind putting my stuff in my tent to go get water, privy etc, but I button up all my things and leave nothing in sight. A few stories come to mind - Mainly trekking poles being nabbed at shelters, items left scattered get picked up etc but as well, A fella last spring on springer claimed his whole pack had been nabbed by a bear the year before, and a pack nabbed at the blue blaze intersection on Roan High knob.