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    Let me preface my question by saying I have day hiked before on the AT. I have overnighted before not on the AT. I want to section hike for a couple weeks late August early September starting at Springer nobo. I would love any tips, and I mean any because at this point I am pretty overwhelmed with gear selection, shuttle service, how far to attempt in 12 days, where to camp, numerous other questions. I did purchase AWOL's A.T. Guide.... Sorry for the broadness of the question just unsure of where to start and thanks in advance..?

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    I've hiking since I was a kid ... AT is about as easy as it gets from the perspective of being "forgiving". It is easy to follow, there are lots of support services, and there are plenty of people on the trail to give you a hand if you run into problems.

    The AT Conservancy maintains a list of shuttle providers to get you started...but there are MANY more out there.
    Most beginning hikers start with 10-12 miles per day in Georgia ... but it really depends on the kind of shape you are in.
    On advise is GO AS LIGHT AS YOU CAN!!!! ... you don't not need half the things you think you do....etc.

    There are LOTS of resources on White Blaze ... but feel free to PM me if you would like to converse one-to-one about specific issues from gear list, to food options, to anything at all. I have hiked with a lot of folks, and believe that you will need to develop your own style!!! ... A year ago today I was in GA hiking with the newbie thru hikers and had a blast!!!! ... currently I have hiked about 58% of the AT. But all my earlier years were out west....

    I hope to hear from you ... I love questions!!!!!

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    AWOL's guide has all the logistics you need. If you want a simple way to attack it:

    Stay at Hiker Hostel the night before you start your hike. Talk to the staff there.
    Let Hiker Hostel drop you off hike at Approach Trail
    First two weeks, stick to 8-10 mile days
    After first two weeks, allow yourself 10-12 mile days
    Do plan to stay at Mountain Crossings
    Take pictures

    Starting your AT experience in Georgia is a great option because of the greater concentration of hiker services in that area. Everything tends to be spaced a day's hike apart there. You don't have to freak out about gear because it will be warmer in those months, and you can tweak your gear at Mountain Crossings if need be. As far as shelters, campsites, the trail should be all-yours in that timeframe. Try making a sample itinerary from your guidebook and posting it to this thread. It really is easier than most people think.

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