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    Default Kudos to some hiker friendly places in Rural Resort, Va

    Me and Turtle did a section hike from Fox Creek to Burkes Garden using Rural Retreat as our mid point/parking. We stayed at the Relax Inn, which may not be the place to overnight your Mom, but had clean sheets and towels, hot showers and a super staff. Where else could you ask if they sold beer in Virginia, and the owner hands you 4 bottles left by departing hikers.
    The Barn, just down the road, had great breakfasts and you just have to try the Hiker Burger yourself to understand how other burgers pale in comparison.
    For shuttles, get Bubba. He knows every road in the area and has great stories too.

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    I second the comments on the Relax Inn. The night we stayed there, a major storm took out the electricity for about 4 hours. In the middle of the lightning, wind and rain, we heard knocking at the door. The owner was going room to room, delivering flashlights to all the guests. This place is nothing fancy, to say the least, but we could see that to the owners, hospitality is a way of treating people and not an industry.

    He did a couple of shuttles for us too. Reasonably priced, and he's a safe driver who took the hairpin turns slowly enough that I wouldn't have needed to take Dramamine.
    "Are we there yet?"

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