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    Default Max Patch To Standing Bear? -- Recommendations

    Good morning all!
    I've hiked the section from max patch to hot springs last year (planned on overnighter but ended up doing it in one day).

    Not in great hiking shape but never seem to be but have also seemed to have pretty good legs under me.

    I was hoping to get a recommendation as I would like to hike with a friend from Max Patch (maybe back to Standing Bear Farm Area) as to whether I should give myself two days or if a long day will be enough. Also any parking/shuttle recommendations for that route?


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    that is a fairly reasonable distance for a day... maybe 14 miles. so you could do it in 1, or you could spend some time around max patch, then stop part way at the groundhog creek shelter or the campsite after that

    bill grace had cheap shuttles from further north to max patch, but I don't know if you'd get a decent rate further south. could try emailing [email protected]

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