Sunday, May 29th
  • Left my house in Atlanta at 6:15am.
  • Parked at Hogpen Gap at 7:45am. Even though I got there early I got the last spot at the trailhead due to the combination of holiday weekend + great weather.
  • Biked (13mi) from Hogpen Gap to Byron Reece Memorial Trailhead in 1hr. Had to make sure to wear my baseball cap backwards and tighter than normal on the descent
  • Hiked (8.5mi) from Byron Reece Memorial Trailhead back to my car at Hogpen Gap in 3.75hrs.
  • Picked up my bike and got home by 2:30pm so my wife could get to go to a graduation party that night for her cousin while I stayed home with my 4yr old son and 1.5yr old triplets.
  • What a day!

Future trips
  • Hogpen Gap to Unicoi Gap: Park at Hogpen, bike to Unicoi, hike back to Hogpen (my advice...always park at Hogpen to avoid that climb, especially when you're wearing a daypack!).
  • OVERNIGHT from Unicoi to Winding Stair Gap: Park at Winding Stair Gap, bike to Unicoi Gap, hike back to Winding Stair Gap. Need to get my gear down to UUL level for this one.

Who wants to join?