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    For muddy, nasty water there's also THIS.

    I've seen something similar in action — and actually drank the water, which was fantastic — when our friends in Canada used a flocculant they got at MEC on a canoe trip. Glad we had it because in Algonquin Provincial Park there are many piles of moose poop in the water that you can see while paddling the shallows.

    If I were going to someplace like the Grand Canyon I would absolutely take this stuff and a collapsible bucket. Really amazing stuff for silty, turbid water.
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    Is this the same as adding alum to water to settle out the turbidity? Take off the clear water, then treat?

    This product looks like 1-step process.

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    Actually, with this stuff you don't have to treat further after taking off the clear water.

    I've also heard about alum and am going to give that a try, although locally I really don't need it. I don't mind a few "floaties" in the water as long as I know they're dead.

    If it gets to be too much I strain 'em out with my mosquito head net.

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