Ok, was planning on leaving for the trail today (June 20) but my girlfriend came down with mono (she's coming with me when we do eventually go). I have yet to come down with any symptons and I'm planning to get tested for it.
I was curious, how close are hospitals to the trail, in case it comes back, or if it helps cause something else (causes weakened immune symptoms alot of the time). Does anyone think it would really be all that necessary to know where hospitals are, or would just having a way to towns/emergancy services be enough (cell phone, emergency gps, etc.).
The original plan was to do a flip flop hike starting in Hamburg Pa, going north from there, so if I do figure out where hospitals are will probably focus on the first 70-100 miles north of that
Now intend on starting between the 10th and 20th of next month and see how far north we can get before winter