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    Default FS: Arrowhead Equipment Toxaway Tarp

    Retails for $178 US with the 4 added interior tie-outs and seam sealing (done right with thinned pure silicone.) Wonderful tarp in as new condition, used twice. Asking $140 including shipping to anywhere in North America.
    Very easy to get a taut pitch with the cat cuts. No ridgeline needed. Only selling because I like hammock backpacking so much I bought a cuben fiber tarp to save a little weight. Might consider a trade/partial trade for a winter tarp (cuben or silnylon with doors (and use my cuben one for 3 seasons.)

    Description from Arrowhead Equipment:
    The classic cat cut hex tarp. A simple effective tarp for all hangers. With a 12 foot ridge line it has more than enough coverage for nearly any hammock available. Rolled hem construction in combination with 1/2" D rings for the perimeter guy out points contribute to a weight saving design that cuts the excess overbuilds and saves you ounces.
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