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    Default Loose side fabric on GT hammock

    I have a Grand Trunk Double hammock that I bought last year, more as a yard hanger than seriously considering using it for backpacking at the time. However, after spending time on WB and looking at other options I am wanting to try sleeping in a hammock and see how well it works for me.

    The issue I'm running into is all the loose fabric falling over my face along the side of the hammock, even when laying diagonally. I don't want to spend money on a different hammock until I'm sure I will like it over tent camping. Is this an issue with the GT Double design, a normal issue with hammocks in general or something else I don't know about. I thought the double would be a great size for sleeping/napping because you have more fabric and space, but maybe it's too much space and fabric for my size (5'5" and 110#) and I should be looking at a smaller hammock.

    I joined HF too, and will post this there too...was just wondering what experiences people had here.

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    It's common. Most either use tie outs or what's called the Knotty Mod which uses some shock cord to tighten up the slack.

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    Okay, thanks. I actually went and cut it down last night, taking about 2ft off the width...I just wasn't using it. It's now 54" wide. I wanted to see if I like sleeping in a hammock before I drop the money on a WBBB, or similar.

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    Another vote for the knotty mod, though now that you've cut off the material, it might not help. That extra material would have gone a long way to getting a nice flat lay...

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