What's up guys, just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here who has posted any info on the trail-it really helped me get an idea for what to expect when I went up to Vermont.

I started my hike on August 4th, after driving up from northern Virginia, aiming for a 14 day end-to-end. I was on track to break that until the day after Killington, where I ended up slowing way down to stay at shelters with a group of guys I ran into and jived well with who were all from New Hampshire and Vermont. Definitely the best 2.5 weeks of my life so far. On this trip I also got my first true trail magic experience. A couple who had hiked the trail earlier in the summer picked me and another thru hiker up in the Mad Taco and took us back to their Air BnB they were staying in for the weekend, and we relaxed, drank beer, and ate hot dogs all day.

If you wanna read more about my trip and see some photos, here's the link to my blog post on it: https://hikingtheappalachians.wordpr...he-long-trail/ I'm making a slideshow to put on youtube right now, so I'll post that when it's finished if anyone is interested.

Happy trails!