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    Default Mt. Glastenbury water situation & directions help

    Doing a 2 nighter loop around Mt. Glastenbury Vermont in a couple weekends. Just wanted to know with this dry summer if there's currently good water at Melville Nauheim and Goddard shelters, or along the way?

    Also, the forestry service/usda map I found online and written directions for the west ridge trail seem maybe wrong. it seems to suggest that once you hit bald mountain on west ridge trail, you veer west to continue down the bald mountain trail, passing bald mtn parking lot back to Rt 9, and follow it for 1 mile back to the AT parking. But this can't be correct since the bald mtn parking lot is several miles west and the walk down rt 9 would have to be much further than a mile. However, instead, at bald mountain, if you were to take the Bear Wallow Trail east to Harbor Rd to Rt 9, then the walk down Rt 9 back to parking would only be a mile. Appreciate any insight on this. Thank you.

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    My GMC guide shows the Bald Mt trial loops over the top. The West Ridge trail connects the Bald Mt trail to the LT near the Goddard Shelter (7.8 miles).

    At the top of Bald Mt, if you go down the east side, in 1.9 miles you come to a public road (gravel) which in 0.8 miles comes out on RT 9 and your then 1.2 miles from the LT parking lot. If you go west instead, you end up 1.5 miles from the center of Bennington.

    Water shouldn't be an issue.
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