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    Default Water - Newfound Gap to Fontana

    Looking for water report from Newfound Gap to Fontana - going to be doing that sections in a week.
    The weather recently has been drier than normal, how are the water sources? Do I need to carry more than normal?

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    Starting at Fontana going north here's what we encountered:

    1. No water at the pipe spring at Mollies. You will need to go way down the hill to find water. We did not find this out till later after talking to a local guide leading a REI group.

    2. No water at the spring at Russell. I did not find this out till later but if you continue .2 further past the water sign there's another spring. I did not verify this. We found water in a tannic puddle, scooped, filtered, treated and keep on hiking.

    3. At going 19 miles we stopped at Spence to find it dry also at the pipe spring. Once again I did not find out till later but if you continue on the trail in the back of the shelter you can find water. This trail is not blazed and not well maintained. I walked it for a short distance before heading back.

    4. Double Spring, Icewater, Tri-Corner all had water.

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    In the valley of knoxville today---we got a steady all day rain....

    not sure what the mountains got but I would figure some as the front was going to pass through there...

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