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    Default Skyline Loop Questions

    I've done day hikes in SNP from Thornton Gap but never multi-day. Are we able to leave vehicles in the parking lots and do they charge for how many days you're in the park when you leave? If I can park outside the park and save a little cash it would be a bonus but no biggy if you can't avoid it.

    The goal is to do a 3-day loop somewhere in the central SNP section and try to hit as many vistas and points of interest as possible. It looks like you can hit a lot of that on the AT itself. I haven't settled on where to start but it would be nice to end on the last day at a campground so we can shower and relax for a couple hours before hitting the road to drive home (6hr drive). Only other issue I see is the lack of water at higher elevations and I really don't want to hull 8 liters of fluid but I may have to. If anyone can share some advice on the parking and possible side trails I'd appreciate any help!

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    They do not charge parking fees and the entrance fee is a one-time fee.

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    Lightbulb No extra charge

    > do they charge for how many days you're in the park when you leave?

    When you pay the $20 entrance fee, it covers admittance to Shenandoah for one week.


    Also, for Thorton Gap (ie, U.S. Highway 211), there are two parking lots. This is discussed here
    Tap the [Map] Button in the first discussion for an overview of the set up.
    One of the parking areas -- called the "lower" parking lot -- has a direct entrance from Highway 211. The other one -- the "upper" lot -- has an entrance from Skyline Drive. If you park at the upper lot, you've entered the National Park and you must pay the entrance fee. AS BEST I CAN TELL (please note the previous words), there is no fee to park in the lower lot. Thus, if you use Thorton Gap as a starting or end point, you *MAY* be able to park there for free. I have no clue about the safety of your car when parking at either lot.

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    You can park in this lot safely once you pay the admission fee. While I have never done it or have the map set, I believe you can do a loop from there and incorporate Mary's Rock and Old Rag. Join the Shenandoah National Park Hikers FB page and you will have many responses fairly quick.

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