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    Another vote for the solo plus, I love the extra room. I have a standard size cuben bathtub floor from zpacks and leave it attached; I like that I can get completely into the tent and be covered without having to get onto the tub floor with my wet gear and still have enough room to setup my sleeping pad and bag and change into dry cloths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogwood View Post
    Respectfully, the DR is not the ProTrail and cross country(whatever that might entail) is not the PCT.

    Do NOT expect those multiple days of rain experienced on a AT thru accomplished during typical thru-hike timeframes to be the norm on the PCT during typical SOBO and NOBO timeframes! PCTers both SOBO and NOBO are typically in OR during July one of Oregon's driest months. Do not be an east coaster who thinks the rainy Pacific Northwest is equally rainy every month of the year.
    Camped north of Big Sur, in the Redwoods, Yellowstone, on the Mississippi, etc... condensation every night.

    And I believe you about the rain. At this point it is mostly about the weight, the chance to cowboy camp if I work up the courage to sleep exposed, and the Zpacks wow factor.

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    I hiked the northern half of the AT in the early 90s. I carried around 18-20lbs back then which was "super light" for the time. To be honest... one pound just doesn't make that much difference once you are in trail shape. It makes sense to target a < 12lb pack weight nowadays because you can.... but I wouldn't spend a lot of money to get there. You can get a perfectly serviceable tent around 3lbs for fairly cheap.

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    During typical PCT thru-hiking timeframes there really is not as much need weather wise for an enclosed tent compared to the AT during its typical thru-hiking window if one isn't regularly relying on AT lean-tos. Since you will come to that conclusion yourself on the PCT you might look ahead post PCT to your then emerging shelter needs for what to buy now.

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