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    Question KUIU Super Down Hooded Jacket

    As a big guy, with a 53” chest, it is extremely hard to find functional outdoor clothing suitable for backpacking; this is especially true of lightweight clothing, never mind any ultra-lightweight clothing! As often as not, I am stuck buying hunting based gear from Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop. [A quick shout out to Judy HeartFire Gross and LightHeart Gear for the great XXXL super lightweight Rain Jacket and Rain Wrap that they make!]

    That having been said, I am looking for a down jacket for my thru hike next year starting on March 5. The selectin of such jackets is sits somewhere between none and slim pickens. One that I have found is the KUIU Super Down Hooded Jacket (the size XXXL weighs 10 oz.). http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-jackets-...+Layer&start=5 Has anyone had any experience with either the KUIU Super Down Jacket or the KUIU Super Down Hooded Jacket?

    BTW, any suggestions about other backpacking suitable clothing for big guys, especially ultra-lightweight, would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ive had good luck with Eddie Baeuer's First Ascent line for tall sizes, although my chest isnt 53".

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    Give Luke's ultralight a call. I have heard they are really good at adjusting their product to fit. Here is a link to one of their coats.


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    Another Big Guy here. I had go with a Columbia hooded down jacket, it was the only one that fit. I'm 6'3" have 53" chest as well. When I tried on the 3xlt size the chest was fine but was too tight in the arms, so I had to get the 4xlt size. I have no idea what it weighs but I could guess it's a lot more than 10 oz. us big guys just have to carry what fits us.

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    Yup, that's why I keep searching. The KUIU jackets are my newest find. I am hoping to find someone who has some experience with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderingventurer View Post
    Yup, that's why I keep searching. The KUIU jackets are my newest find. I am hoping to find someone who has some experience with them.
    I almost got one. Ended up going the synthetic route and saving a little $. Honestly didn't even need a puffy for mid April At thru start this year, really needed it maybe 2 times.
    KUIU is good stuff, I don't own any but I have a lot of friends that do and love it! At the weight and price point it seems to be a better deal than a lot of hiking specific brands.

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