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    Default Sleeping bags, pads, mattresses, packs, boots, rain gear, trekking poles, etc.

    Had planned to hike in 2012 - evaluated lots of gear - and then life intervened, in a good way. It will be awhile before I can again consider a hike, so in the meantime I'm putting all this gear up for sale. Why I didn't return the stuff is a good study in psychology.

    At the limit for attached pictures (I think). If there isn't a picture for something you want, send me a private message (PM) and I'll send the other pictures.

    Send me a PM and you'll receive an invoice by email. The invoice will give you instructions for sending a payment by PayPal (you don't have to join the service to use it). Shipping will be ground, price determined by size and weight of the box and the destination. I'll notify you with an email when it ships, with tracking number.

    Unless noted, everything is new (tags attached), never used (except loaded into a backpack for weight testing), or used once.

    Sleeping bags (all extra long):

    -5 degree Sierra Designs BTU Dri-Down mummy bag, 800 fill, with weather resistant shell. No way you'll be cold. $200.00
    +20 degree North Face Gold Kazoo down mummy bag. Very lightweight. Includes a silk liner. $100.00
    +20 degree Cabela Boundary Waters down rectangular bag. Cut the tag off, so I'm going to jail. $100.00
    +40 degree Marmot rectangular bag (used <5 times). Silk liner included. $60.00

    Sleep pads and air mattresses:

    Thermarest TrailLite sleep pad. Not as light as some, but more rugged than most. $50.00
    Nemo Astro insulated air mattress, with hand pump (hand little gadget). Don't compare this high-quality product with the ALPS version. $80.00
    Hyalite Aero-Therm insulated air mattress. Another advanced technology product, with aerogel insulation. Channel tubes on the sides keep you from rolling off. $80.00
    Klymit Static V air mattress. Absolutely light. The chevron channels help keep you warm. $20.00

    Trekking poles:
    Komperdell trekking poles: two pairs available. $30/pair
    Leki Makalu trekking poles: one pair available. $60.00


    Salomon Quest GTX4D 2 Goretex men's 11W. If you look at photos of U.S. special operations troops in the early days of Afghanistan, you'll see some wearing this boot. Running shoes for warriors. 17 miles. $120.00
    Salomon Quest GTX4D 2 Goretex men's 11M. $140.00
    Salomon Discovery GTX Goretex men's 11W. $100.00


    Go-Lite Quest 65L men's. Three pounds! $120.00
    Gregory Baltoro 65L men's. Winner of Backpacker Magazine's 2015 Editors' Choice Gold Award. $140.00
    Gregory Z75L. Heavy hauler. $120.00
    Rain/parka/trousers gear:
    North Face parka and trouser set. Menís XL. Parka is lined with Goretex or eVent, canít remember which. Trousers have a water resistant finish. $100.00
    (2) Sierra Designs menís XL nylon rain suits. Lightweight nylon with urethane finish. $20.00
    Merrill softshell and Pearl Izumi running pants. Menís XL. The pants have waterproof chaps on the thighs. If youíre a speed demon, these are your togs. $100.00
    FrogTogs parka and White Sierra nylon hiking pants (convertible to shorts). Menís XL. FrogTogs are the most breathable and lightweight products available, not cold and clammy, but not as durable. Good bargain! $40.00
    Cabelaís Boundary Waters bivvy sack, XL. Probably Dri-Vent. $40.00
    Lowe Goretex gaiters. $40.00
    British Goretex boot liners. $20.00
    Outdoor Research Goretex rain hat. $20.00
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    North Face Gold Kazoo with silk liner has been sold. Sale of Komperdell poles and Klymit air mattress pending.

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    Don't need to buy anything, but I love the comment about cutting off the tag so you're going to jail. I hope they treat you well. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjsmout View Post
    North Face Gold Kazoo with silk liner has been sold. Sale of Komperdell poles and Klymit air mattress pending.
    Are both sets of the Komperdell trekking poles gone? Or is there still one set left. I would be interested in the other set if they are still available.

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    Klymit air mattress sold. One pair of Komperdell poles sold, last pair sale pending. Leki poles still available.

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    Is the marmot bag down or synthetic?

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    It's down, listed as +40F, but I wouldn't call it three-season. Includes a silk liner to make it warmer.

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    sent you a PM...

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    Both pairs of Komperdells have been sold. Lekis still available.

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