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    Default Do you recommend an under quilt for a thru hike?

    I am sort of new to the hammock but love it after using it on two small trips. ( One trip got down to 20° needless to say I was cold ) Doing a flip-flop starting in mid April from Harpers Ferry going north. I have the warbonnet DL 1.7 blackbird and thinking about getting the Wookie.

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    Until it gets really, really hot you will need some kind of under quilt.
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    You have a great hammock, and I am glad to have mated up my WBBB with a Warbonnet Underquilt. It makes sense that products from the same company should fit well together.

    I have been using the 3-Season Yeti Underquilt, it has been fine for me down to 20 degrees, YMMV. There is a bit of an adjustment factor with the Yeti, sometimes I have to move it around at night to get it right. It is no big deal. The Yeti would be a good choice to save money and weight over the full length Wookie.

    That said, I just got a Winter Wookie Underquilt I have not field tested it yet, but I will be taking it out next weekend. Send me a PM after next weekend if you want to know what I thought.
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    With the double layer WBBB, you could try a foam pad between layers. That'd be handy to have if you ever had to go to ground. I've got a single layer WBBB and trying to use a foam pad in that is a pain. If a foam pad would work for you, it'd certainly be cheaper than a high quality down UQ.

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    My first night ever in a WBBB, 1.7 DL, just like yours....we were on a river, in summer....temps were going down locally (in town) to like 60. So I didn't deploy the UQ (I had a 40 degree 3/4 length with me).....I was cold by midnight. I still remember being upset with myself for having to get up at midnight, find the pack, dig in it......
    So I always deploy the UQ now....I adjust the TQ, liner, whatever, within the hammock.
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