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    Default Anybody know of a list of towns you need for maildrops?

    I know it's extensive, but to save money I'm having maildrops planned for my entire thru. Does anybody know a list of someone who's thru'ed and written down all of their maildrops? Or will the AWOL guide have all of this info? (MY copy is yet to come in the mail.)

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    Both, your AWOL guide will have info for all PO's and other hiker accommodations that accept packages. People have also put together spreadsheets but I don't have a link to one handy. Have you already bought all the food? The shipping fees associated with having 100% of your food in maildrops can eat up quite a bit of the savings from buying ahead.

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    I believe the info is available on the home page of this site.

    Yes, mail drops are expensive and rarely save money. There are some good reasons for some people to use mail drops, but saving money really isn't one of them. You'll learn that the first time you don't get to the PO in time and have to spend a day or two in town waiting for it...
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    Here is a good listing of mail drop locations and addresses put together by a 2015 thru-hiker:

    Often businesses like hostels, motels and outfitters are willing to hold packages and this can get around the problem of limited hours at post offices.
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    IMO the first four drops would be Neel Gap, NOC, Fontana, & Standing Bear.
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    I used maildrops for all of my resupplies except one. Check out my schedule in the signature below. That will list the towns that I used. If you send me a PM, I can send you my spreadsheet w/ the actual locations I used (some may no longer be in business; some I'd wished I'd used a business instead of a PO).
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    I did maildrops for my first hike, but they were much farther apart than they should have been (every 10 days to 2 weeks) and didn't have as much food as I actually needed. I ended up supplementing the drops most of the time.

    One way to save money is to put in the things that you really want to have (i.e. dehydrated meals, vitamins or medications and maps) but anything you can buy easily along the trail (like cereal, cookies, candy etc.) you buy as you go. It will make for lighter boxes, more variety as you discover foods that you may not have thought about, and less waste as you won't be throwing out foods you get tired of eating. (I got very tired of oatmeal and instant grits, and learned the joy of eating Fritos when it's hot and I was sweating a lot.)

    On the AT, there is access to a town every few days. There is no need to carry a week's worth of snack foods, but you probably won't want to do maildrops every 3 days as that gets complicated in terms of pickup and is very expensive.

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    We started the plan with around 8-9 drops for the entire trail and have since paired it down to 4 total, Neels Gap, Fontana Village, Harpers Ferry, and Monson. Those locations were chosen either due to poor supply options, or the desire to lessen the food load between better supply points. We're still debating about Monson...
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    These are the ones highly suggest by Hiker Trash, Follow Bigfoot, and others I researched. Often nothing more than a gas station or real expensive options. I will buy on the trail to mail ahead for these.

    Neel’s Gap
    Fontana Dam, orCabin in the Woods will shuttle
    Sandy Bear Farms inSmokies, 110 miles between supplies
    Harpers Ferry
    New York, optionssuck
    Hanover, expensive
    100 Mile Wilderness,Buddy is a guy that will deliver. See Followbigfoot for contact.

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    Here's a site expressly set up for maildrops. AT Mailing Labels. It also has an extensive planning links page

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