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Oh, come on. There's gotta be someone in these forums that likes sporks! How could they be so popular if nobody here likes them?

Here's my spiel: Eating raman with a spoon sucks. Eating ramen with a spork works reasonably well. And, that goes for other longish noodles as well.

So there, if you like noodles, you'll likely appreciate a spork, at least some of the time. The rest of the time, go with a good spoon. A metal spoon with a nice polished bowl rocks. I hate plastic spoons only because they bend when they're hot, so if you ever need to stir a boiling pot of noodles, you'll desperately wish you had a metal spoon. And, as for the polished bowl, you'll never now the mouth-feel joy you are missing until you try it. Then, you'll never go back. There is a reason your expensive dinnerware is polished!

If you want ultra-light, aluminum spoons are lighter than titanium. Titanium is a heaver and stronger metal than aluminum. Since an aluminum spoon is plenty strong, don't pay the weigh penalty for having a titanium spoon . . . unless of course, you are going for the polished bowl which is probably worth the extra weight.
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