For those on the PCT this early, (Started March 15th, reached Fuller approach March 24th)just a warning about Fuller Ridge. My plan after the Forbes Alternate was to get close because the second day was a great weather day, then it was going to get stormy again. Thought I could get across Fuller Ridge and drop back to low elevation before the bad weather. I ran into a lot of snow, climbing out of Idyllwild to Saddle Jct. I ended up in very steep terrain and hard packed snow miles before approaching Fuller Ridge. I had micro spikes but still managed to take a long uncontrolled slide of about 1,000 feet, bouncing off trees and rocks and doing a face plant into a group of rocks that probably saved my life. It was still a long way to the basement into a scree field that awaited me at the bottom. I didn't break any bones just scraped up real bad and broke a lot of gear. Thought for sure I broke my glasses, but they were in one piece and not even scratched much. My elbow was bleeding and embedded with gravel, small cut above the eye, one pole broken, the other hanging precariously just out of reach, which I was able to grab before it continued on down the slope. I knew if I couldn't grab it I would have a hell of a time climbing back up top. Both my water bottles continued to the bottom never to be seen again. Had my phone in my pants pocket. The pocket was torn real bad, but the phone did not fall out. Broke the phone case but the phone was still functioning but no reception. I think my pack took a lot of the abuse instead of my body. I should have had my ice axe, but still would have turned back. I tried using my pole for self arrest, but the snow was too hard to do much good. The spikes actually caught and turned me sliding head first, not a good thing. I feel very lucky to have this turn out the way it did. Took me 12 hours to get back up to the trail and maneuver four miles back across steep snow to the junction that would take me down to Idyllwild. After licking my wounds I am going north of town to Black Mountain road to climb back to the trail after Fuller. I suggest you do the same until Fuller loses a lot more snow. Just a heads up for those behind me. I've been hiking solo for 50 years, but this was a real wake up call. Don't ruin your hike trying to do this section. It was a stupid move on my part. --Dickebird